Your Winery Package Includes


Your Winery Package Includes

  • Management training (projection worksheets, daily checklists, recruiting and hiring guidelines, tasting room practices and much more.

  • Employee salary guidelines.

  • What wines to make/carry in your tasting room – demographic trends.

  • Employee training manual.

  • Social Media guidance.

  • Policy guidelines for operation.

  • Foods suggestions that will complement the wines.

  • Guidance in Federal approvals for all labels and formulas.

  • Marketing and advertising training.

  • Creating personal labels for your customers.

  • Managing a wine club.

  • Wine for your Grand Opening (120 bottles, or bulk wine, each of 12 varietals).

  • Guidelines for purchasing retail for the tasting room.

  • Renting your winery for private parties.

  • Guidance in selling your wine wholesale to restaurants, stores, etc.

  • Retail and production site layout of your location.

  • Funding your dream – our National partner will assist in securing funding (if needed) and provide a concise business plan (additional fee required).

  • Location search assistance – our National partner will assist in finding the right location for your winery/tasting room (free service).

  • Wine making training in Fort Worth Texas.

  • 1 Month free subscription to Wine Events Pro

  • Pre-Launch guidance for a successful grand opening.